Media spectacle involving DRUNK former Trump campaign aide poses serious question: Are ANY sources for “collusion” story even real?

Just when I really did think that the pathetic American Pravda media couldn’t get more pathetic, they prove me wrong.

On Monday much of the country was introduced to former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, a sort of ‘groupie’ who latched onto the future president’s bandwagon, was fired three times (the first time by Trump in 2014) and left with an ax to grind.

For several hours Nunberg bounced from one news program to another, taunting special counsel Robert Mueller to “arrest” him after he said he would refuse to turn over requested documents to the grand jury. Nunberg is on his way to becoming the first former Trump campaign figure to publicly allege that the president and Russia ‘colluded’ during the 2016 election.

“During his wild interviews (which lasted from mid-afternoon into the night), Nunberg made numerous suggestions that federal investigators may have some kind of case against President Trump. And that was all the liberal network news outlets needed to run with it,” Newsbusters reported Tuesday.

He was feted — not verified, mind you, feted — by NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN, to name a few, all of whom were once again so blinded by hatred for President Donald J. Trump that, at least in CNN’s case, they allowed Nunberg to sit in for a lengthy interview after he’d been suspected of drinking “adult beverages.” (Related: Pathetic: Network news shows fall for CRAZY speculation from ‘drunk’ former Trump campaign aide.)

“After the networks had wrapped up in the Eastern and Central time zones, CNN’s Erin Burnett confronted him while he was on her show and said she could smell alcohol on his breath,” Newsbusters reported.

Just. Wow.

Once again the networks and the “mainstream” media outlets who ran with these wild, ultimately baseless allegations were left with a massive nothing burger — just a rambling, half-drunk, minor campaign figure whose breakdown on-air included references to White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “fat slob” who needs to shut her “big fat mouth” (though, of course, it’s her job to open her mouth).

“Nunberg was clearly neither credible nor under control but he drove the coverage for hours as a former aide supporting Russian collusion theories,” wrote constitutional law professor and attorney Jonathan Turley on his blog site. “It was part of our new media: NASCAR journalism where media rushes figures like Nunberg in front of cameras and viewers watch for the inevitable crash.”

I disagree. I think the establishment media is so affected by Trump Derangement Syndrome they have lost any sense of judgment along with all of their credibility. You’d never see Walter Cronkite or Sam Donaldson or John Chancellor toss somebody on the air like Nunberg without verifying and fact-checking him with independent sources.

But this latest media debacle is par for the course when it comes to the so-called “Russian collusion” narrative. For nearly 18 months the country has been treated to a steady diet of these breathless, accusatory, “see, we gotcha Trump!” stories that always turn out to be false. The media this time at least had a live body to show us; most of the reporting on this bogus collusion narrative has come from “anonymous sources” in federal law enforcement, in the intelligence community, or at some level of government.

And since every one of the previous “collusion” stories has been phony, it is high time we begin asking whether the ‘sources’ used by CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times and a few others for those fake stories are actually real or if they, too, have been made up.

Would a media that sought respect and credibility allow itself to be used so many times by the same Deep State liars after being fed false information more than a couple of times? Perhaps if their Trump Derangement Syndrome was severe enough.

But it’s just as possible that they’ve been making up sources like they’ve been milking this fantasy “Russian collusion” story.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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