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Fake news and propaganda is everywhere: Whether you’re talking about vaccines, food, pesticides or politics, the truth is often buried beneath a layer of industry-funded filth. The entire Monsanto corporation and the recent drama surrounding their cancer-causing herbicide is proof of that: The company actually set out to orchestrate public outcry to discredit real science, while propping up their own, clearly biased, research as the only truth to be trusted. Is this even real life?

Censorship, deception and corruption have become the cornerstones of the legacy media and their puppet masters — but with independent sites like, you can cut the strings and find out the truth they don’t want you to know.

As the ever-more extreme left-wing continues to call for the mass silencing of divergent opinions and tech giants try to scrub the internet of independent thought, it has grown clear that relying on Facebook feeds and mainstream media networks for “news” will get you a one-way ticket to “totalitarian regime” town.

The blacklisting of real news will allow propaganda to take over

Left-wing social media and tech companies were recently called to a House hearing about the obvious bias against conservative and pro-Trump media, and a number of Democratic politicians showed up to call for more censorship instead. As writer J.D. Heyes reports, liberal politicians even tried to turn the meeting into a rally about President Donald Trump and his recent press conference.

“Democrats countered that news sources like Infowars ought to be banned outright because they’re supposedly rife with “conspiracy theories.” And when they weren’t lying about there not being any bias against conservative sites, they were attacking President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday,” Heyes noted.

Media and tech giants like Facebook, YouTube and Google are basically at war with reality and are using tools of deception to feign truthfulness and impartiality. For example, YouTube recently revealed their plan to use Wikipedia as a “fact-checker” for verifying news videos. Wikipedia isn’t even a reputable source: Its content is entirely dependent on its users. Even high school students aren’t allowed to use Wikipedia as a source for reports. But legitimacy isn’t a concern when your top priority is pushing propaganda, I suppose.

And as writer Ethan Huff reports, it seems that the invalidity of Wikipedia is of little consequence to YouTube. “Another change involves YouTube’s partnership with fake news giant Wikipedia, information from which will soon be embedded into information panels tacked on to videos that ‘tend to be accompanied by misinformation,’ to quote the words of YouTube chief product officer Neal Mohan,” he writes.

Mohan went on to state, “There are going to be counter points of view, and there’s going to be [videos] where people who have a conspiratorial opinion are going to express them.”

“What I think we can do is, instead of telling users what to think, give them as much information as possible, so that they can make those decisions themselves.”

Putting “disclaimers” and links to YouTube-approved videos alongside opinions the left-wing wishes to whitewash is hardly a compromise. Ultimately, the company is still trying to influence viewers’ thoughts and opinions — if by no other means than simply trying to give their opposition the appearance of being untrustworthy. If one pro-Trump video is poised alongside a dozen Trump-hate propaganda videos, what message does that ultimately send?

Overall, the censorship of divergent opinions and opposing thoughts is a tool to brainwash the masses into total submission. Fake news, fake science and fake reality are all part of the plan. You can see more coverage of deception, corruption and more at

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